The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka Mall - South Jakarta
27th April 2019
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About HC DAY 2019

"Muslimah As An Agent Of Change"

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us about 4 women in history who had perfected their faith, and were guaranteed Paradise

"Sufficiently these women are your role models, namely Maryam bint Imran, Khadijah bint Khuwailid, Fatimah bint Muhammad, and Asiyah bint Muzahim, the wife of Fir'uan" (H.R. Ahmad dan Tirmidzi)

#PositiveChangeWithHC #HCDAY2019

Referring to the story of those 4 amazing women in Islam, we can learn that no matter what is the situation, women can make a difference without having to degrade themselves . Their story show us that human value is not based on sex appeal, but based on inherent self-worth and passion.

27th APRIL 2019
The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka Mall - Jakarta
1 Days

HC DAY is Jakarta biggest annual event bonding for Hijabers.

6000 Visitors

we successfully gathered 6000 hijabers in one day in one place!

10 Topics

The program consists of various talk shows, fun workshops, and interactive sessions

120 Local Brands

We also engage with lots of fashion local brands for booth exhibition

HC DAY ‘18 watch video

Future Speakers

Zaskia Sungkar
Designer & Artist
Chacha Frederika
Haykal Kamil & Tantri Namirah
Artist & Influencer
Ayana Jihye Moon

Schedule Planing

Main Stage
10.00-11.30 WIB

Riding Together Till Jannah

Ustad Asep Supriatna

Herfiza-Ricky Harun

Tantri Namira - Haykal

Main Stage
12.30-13.45 WIB

Wardah Present : Influential Muslimah for a Great Nation

Ustadzah Irene (perjuangan Mualaf)

Tere (musisi dan mualaf)

Zaskia Sungkar

Lisa Namuri

Main Stage
14.00-15.40 stage 3

Elzatta Present : Blessed to have you

Teh Peggy Melati Sukma

Chacha Fredericca

Fitri Tropica

Dian Ayu

Main Stage
16.10 - 17.40

Tokopedia Present: Ukhwah Islamiyah

Terang Jakarta: Ratu Anandita

Kafilah Solihin : Lulu Elhasbu

Musawarah : Dhini Aminarti

MT Khoirotunnisa : Mba lia

Main Stage
17.45 - 18.15

Nussa Official

Main Stage

Pengajian Akbar

Ustadz Fatih Karim

Ustadz Felix Siauw

Pemandu pengajian : Mario Irwinsyah

Mini Stage

Da'i Jagoan dari I Am Jago Management dan Alif School

Mini Stage

Pride of Nation

Atlet Defia (taekwondo)


Archie QuranID

Nussa Official

Mini Stage

SASHA Present : Halal 101

Drg. Harfindo TBC*

Fivi Alvianto

Aisha Maharani Halal Corner

Mini Stage

Turning Obstacle to Miracle


Little hijabi homeschooling


Diandra Gautama

Mini Stage

Optimizing your Social media


Chiki Fauzi *TBC

Nadiah HF

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A community established in Jakarta-Indonesia by a group of youth muslimah to share tips/experiences related to hijab & girls issue. Plus we have events too!

27 April 2019
The Kasablanka Hall - Kota Kasablanka
Jakarta, Indonesia
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